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For our customers we organize and carry out the transport of goods with our own vehicle fleet, with 10-pallet trucks with a tarp, or with vehicles of our numerous business partners. Together we are stronger, and a load is never a problem, but a challenge. We can arrange transport of small packages, express deliveries, as well as big-size loads. We are present throughout Europe and deliver goods quickly and safely. We are specialized in:

  • EXPRESS TRANSPORTATION – fast transport of freight and small packages across Slovenia and other parts of Europe
  • CONTAINER TRANSPORT – transport of containers of all types and dimensions in Slovenia and the rest of Europe
  • TRANSPORTATION OVER 3,5T – transport of cargo by trucks of all types in Slovenia and the rest of Europe (FTL / LTL / RF / ADR)

Visiting an Eskimo friend is no problem at all nowadays. It is just as easy for us to arrange transport by sea, rivers, or air. Based on your demand, we organize and arrange transportation of freight by sea or by road. An individual approach to finding the right solution often turns out to be faster and more convenient, and the customer is happy to contact us again later on.


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Big size freight

Why not move a house from the countryside to the city, or a skyscraper to a nearby meadow? There is no limit to the human imagination, so why should we be the ones to set boundaries? With the right approach, suitable vehicles and the relevant associated documentation, transport is “a piece of cake”. Together with our business partners, we arrange extraordinary transport throughout Slovenia, and organize extraordinary transport in other parts of Europe as well.

Import or export? Local or foreign products? Where to store a large stock of material or goods for further distribution? How to transship it to other delivery vehicles? We can organize storage and transshipment of goods throughout Slovenia. Goods are kept in a warehouse most convenient to you in terms of distance from the supplier or client, and based on your storage or spatial requirements, certificates, etc. To make further distribution even more simple, we can also deliver the goods for you.

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Storage - Transhipment

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